COVID-19 UPDATE: Napa Valley Chauffeur

Napa Valley Chauffeur will provide the highest safety standards to ensure the health and welfare
of our employees and clients. Chauffeur’s will use face coverings, frequently washing hands and
will keep the vehicle you are transported in clean and disinfected. Vehicles are equipped with
face coverings, bottled water, and hand sanitizer.

You have our collective commitment to provide you with a safe environment while you sit-back,
relax and enjoy transportation services.

We look forward to hearing from our past clients and eagerly await meeting new clients. We
have deeply missed the opportunity to provide transportation services due to the COVID-19 and
are ready to provide you with airport transfers, wine tours, excursions, and family events.


The primary goal of Napa Valley Chauffeur’s private drive service is to provide expert personal driver services to our customers who want transportation in their personal vehicle(s). NVC accomplishes this by ensuring that our customers are transported to and from their destinations in a comfortable, safe, reliable and efficient manner. As noted above, the personal driver service can either be in the customer’s vehicles (owned or rented).